Course objectives:
- Describe the components of care during COVID-19, with special focus on clinical nursing care.
- Describe and implement procedures to minimise contamination and transmission of COVID-19 in any nursing and respiratory support activities.
- Discuss indications and procedures for non-invasive respiratory support.
- Monitor patients on non-invasive respiratory support, describe troubleshooting and solutions related to respiratory support activities.
- Apply patient care principles during and when exiting care with an emphasis on caring for patients post extubation and discharge from ICU to general wards


After completion of this learning experience, participants should be able to:

- Discuss COVID-19 in the global context.
- Explain the psychological reactions to COVID-19
- Explain the strategies and methods to manage stress and build resilience.
- Integrate the psychological aspects of COVID-19 into patient care.
- Analyze and relate the consequences of COVID-19 and its aftermath to our psychological well-being going forward.


These online course focus on the basics of ventilation in and outside an intensive care setting as well as the setup of triage and testing capacity at a COVID-19 facility. These courses were developed by the Foundation for Professional Development with Support from multiple partners including USAID.


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