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Make your own oxygen delivery infographics and algorithms with these images created by (Holly Sullivan), designed to help providers create educational material tailored to the local context.

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Back of oxygen concentrator (png) Combining Oxygen Concentrators (png) CPAP NIPPV on person (png) Face mask with reservoir bag (non-rebreather) (png) Face mask with reservoir on person (non-rebreather)(png) Fowler’s position (png) Full face mask CPAP NIPPV (png) Helmet CPAP NIPPV (png) High flow nasal oxygen on person (png) Hudson nasal cannula BCPAP infants (png) Hudson nasal cannula bubble cpap (png) Humidifier Bottle (png) Infant high flow nasal oxygen (png) Infant nasal cannula (png) Left lateral recumbency position (png) Liquid oxygen plant (png) Medical mask (png) Nasal cannula graphic (png) Nasal cannula on person (png) Nasal CPAP infants and pediatrics (png) Oxygen concentrator air inlet filter (png) Oxygen concentrator flow splitter (png) Oxygen concentrator with humidifier (png) Oxygen cylinders (png) Oxygen flowmeter 15LPM Front (png) Oxygen flowmeter 15LPM Side (png) Oxygen flowmeter 70LPM Front (png) Oxygen PSA Plant (png) Pediatric oxygen delivery devices (png) Person A (png) Person B (png) Personal Protective Equipment – PPE (png) Portable (bedside) oxygen concentrator (back) (png) Portable (bedside) oxygen concentrator (png) Prone position awake side view (png) Prone position – Both arms down (png) Prone position – Both arms up (png) Prone position side view with pillows (png) Prone positioning – One arm down (png) Right lateral recumbency position (png) Simple face mask (png) Simple face mask on person (png) Ventilator (png) Venturi (entrainment) face mask (png) Venturi (entrainment) face mask on person (png)
монгол хэл

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