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Who is NOT eligible for oral antiviral treatment?

▪ Asymptomatic patients even if they have a positive COVID-19 test

▪ Symptomatic patients with only negative COVID-19 tests

▪ Patients who do not have risk factors for developing severe or critical COVID-19

▪ Patients who have had symptoms for more than five days

▪ (For NMV/r only) Patients who have severe kidney or liver disease (see clinical guidance materials)

▪ Patients who are allergic to any of the ingredients in the medication

▪ Patients who cannot swallow whole tablets; oral antiviral pills should not be cut or crushed and must be swallowed whole

▪ (For NMV/r only) Patients who are using other drugs that cannot be discontinued or doseadjusted that may result in potentially significant drug-drug interactions with NMV/r.

Patients not eligible for oral antivirals can be reassured that they are receiving person-centered, evidence-based care and be advised on how to treat symptoms safely at home, even if they don’t get a prescription for antivirals.

-By EPiC FHI360

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