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Who is eligible for oral antiviral treatment?

▪ Symptomatic COVID-19 patients, confirmed with a positive test, within five days of onset of symptoms, and who are at risk for progression to severe disease.

▪ Patients must be age 12 or older and weigh at least 40 kilograms (88 pounds) to take NMV/r, and age 18 years or older to take MOL, but generally, the Test to Treat strategy is geared to adult patients with risk factors for developing complications.

▪ Risk factors for developing severe or critical COVID-19 include (but not limited to): Older than age 50; risk increasing substantially at age 65 and above; Chronic medical diseases such as pulmonary/lung disease, hypertension, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, immunocompromised state, HIV infection, obesity (BMI > 30kg/m2)

▪ See treatment algorithm and other resources for more details

-By EPiC FHI360

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