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What does “PSA”, “VPSA” and “OGP” mean? What technologies are used, and how do they work?

PSA is the acronym for “Pressure Swing Adsorption”, which is the name of the process that takes place inside the Oxygen Generator Plant. PSA plants extract oxygen using a molecular sieve, which expels nitrogen and leaves a more purified oxygen product, which is stored in a tank until ready for distribution by a pipe system. The basic technologies of the PSA plant include: the air (feed) compressor, the air dryer, prefilter systems, the PSA generator, and the booster compressor. Review the Assist International webinar “Essential Considerations Related to a PSA Plant” HERE for more details. You may have also heard of “VPSA” – “Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption”. For a detailed explanation on VPSA see: https://www.trimechindia.com/blog/oxygen-plants-whats-difference-psa-vpsa-oxygen-plant/

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