Oxygen FAQ

Up to date, expert answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about oxygen supply systems, respiratory care and pulse oximetry written by OCC & collaborators.

What are the commonly encountered oxygen connector types?

  • Large J size (6800 L) oxygen cylinders (filled at 137bar/~2000psi) commonly have a Bull Nose (BS 341) oxygen outlet. Many smaller cylinders have the same outlet. Pin Index cylinders (ISO 407) may be unavailable in some resource variable settings.  
  • A regulator with Bull Nose connector attaches to the tank to decrease the pressure from 137bar/2200psi to ~4 bar/50psi
  • Regulator outlet connectors vary (4 bar) high pressure connectors are 1/4” hose outlet, 3/8” BSP or Shrader (BS 5682) quick release (left to right in image).
  • Check out our image library for oxygen connector types

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