Oxygen FAQ

Up to date, expert answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about oxygen supply systems, respiratory care and pulse oximetry written by OCC & collaborators.

How often do bacterial/viral filters for ventilators need to be replaced?

Replace bacterial/viral filters as frequently as supplies allow in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. This recommendation may be as often as every 24 hours, though the optimal interval may differ by setting and determined by assessing the risk:benefit of circuit disconnects, availability of supplies and ability to monitor for malfunctioning filters.   Depending on location of the filter placement, circuit setup, humidification system and patient factors, B/V filters may function for multiple weeks, though this would be ‘off-label’ use. If an HME is used, a viral filter can be changed only with signs of increased resistance and may last a week or more.  If a heated humidifier is used, the filter in the expiratory limb should be evaluated every 24 hours for signs of increased resistance and may need to be replaced every couple days, although this interval is highly variable.  Always refer to the manufacturer’s recommendation.  Lifespan may be significantly shortened if nebulized medications are being utilized or if copious secretions are present.  Of note, disconnecting circuits can cause risk of aerosolization to healthcare workers. 

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