Oxygen FAQ

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How do I know if a ventilator can safely take care of patients with severe hypoxemic respiratory failure (e.g. severe COVID19)?

Please reference the WHO Technical Specifications for Ventilators for a full list.

Some key considerations include whether the device can:

  • Optimally utilize locally available oxygen and power supplies
  • Deliver pressures (Inspiratory pressure 0-40cmH20, PEEP 0-20 cmH20), respiratory rates (tailored to the desired patient population), tidal volumes (that include at least 4-10cc/kg for the desired patient population), and FiO2 (21-100%)
  • Provide standard alarms and monitoring, including plateau pressure and tidal volume measurements
  • Proven reliability to deliver ventilation reliably for consecutive weeks
  • Be utilized with viral filters and humidification systems
  • Includes control modes and modes for weaning (at least AC-VC, AC-PC and PSV)

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