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How can you assess quality of oxygen produced?

This depends on if the source is liquid or PSA. Plant manufacturers are required to provide and meet certified quality standards and the machine will indicate the purity level during production. If the device is new, you should request the quality certificates. Please download the WHO generic specifications for PSA plants (See our supplementary resources). For periodic checkups, you will need oxygen analyzers.

All devices, including medical devices, should have a quality assurance process that is related also to the documents that the manufacturer provides, or can provide you, from the manufacturing site. We have published the WHO technical specifications that help to have a generic idea of what the standards and certifications are that you need to have in the output of the oxygen generator plants. If the plants are already in style and working, and you want to monitor the oxygen purity…normally in the control panel you will be able to look at what the purity is that they are giving to you. From there you could troubleshoot accordingly. You may also ask the manufacturer or authorized distributor to provide you with specific oxygen analyzers that can help you do the required maintenance and change the filters.

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