Respiratory Care Training

On this page we are curating respiratory care training modules from around the web. We have prioritized open access, peer reviewed content with applicability in resource variable settings. Please continue to check back as we are making new content and adding new resources soon. We are also working on translations of some content listed here. If you have requests or suggestions, please contact us.

OPENPediatrics Ventilator Simulator

This online, interactive ventilator simulator is designed to help users learn to use a mechanical ventilator through a series of interactive stages and patient cases. We are working with OPENPediatrics to expand the number of adult COVID-19 case scenarios.

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Clinical Care Severe Acute Respiratory Illness Course - OpenWHO

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COVID-19 Courses by FDP

These online course focus on the basics of ventilation in and outside an intensive care setting as well as the setup of triage and testing capacity at a COVID-19 facility. These courses were developed by the Foundation for Professional Development with Support from multiple partners including USAID.

ARDS and Mechanical Ventilation Courses - by the ESICM

European Society of Intensive Care Medicine Courses

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COVID-19 Training for Healthcare Workers by Stanford

This rapid-fire, self-paced course focuses on the critical information required to care for patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Basic Assessment and Support in Intensive Care Course (BASIC)

In response to a global requirement to train additional doctors to care for critically ill ventilated patients the BASIC team has created a blended learning version of BASIC which substitutes e-lectures for face to face lectures, includes a live teleconference skills session and is complemented by activities in the BASIC App.

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Respiratory Care Quick Reference Card (Advanced)

Critical Care Rotation Prep by NEJM Resident 360

Oxygenation & Ventilation Resources by AHA, ASA, AARC